Seeing Through it All

Every exhibition is an opportunity to utilize given resources to explore my current questions and struggles. The resources that presented themselves for this exhibit, most notably, were windows. Most galleries are white cubes made of drywall, but the Cody Center is full of floor to ceiling windows to look out to the Texas landscape. This space provided me with the opportunity to utilize translucent tape that works with natural light, creating luminescent and layered imagery. The other resource was the CNC router (computer numerical control), which utilizes digital files and converts lines into cuts, allowing me to work on a larger scale.

The combination of these two resources has given me a platform to explore the mystery of relationships, through what I consider to be, personal iconography. What concepts and ideals do these people represent to me?

The incarnation of abstraction into material existence is where I want to live. I do this by creating.

Essay by Curator Meaghan Ritchey